Green Box

Green Box

Green Box
Almere 2012

The Green Box 2.0 is a low budget house to be build in Almere, a new town close to Amsterdam, for a fixed price of only € 125.000.

It is a family house that has all the aspects of living in a loft or a storehouse. The free floorplan has only one fixed element, the central staircase. The inhabitants can decide themselves where to cook or where to sleep. The exterior walls are clad with panels in different colours green, that symbolise the sustainable character of the house. The panals can be used as shutters to close the volume. The Green Box 2.0 can be upgraded to 2.1, 2.5 of 3.0 by extended with extra floorspace on top or behind.

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Amsterdam 2020-2024
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Amsterdam 2014
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Amsterdam 2014
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