The architecture studio is located in the center of Amsterdam and is established in 1996. Jos Roodbol (1959) studied Architecture at the faculty of Bouwkunde in Delft (1977-1984) and lived and worked in Paris (1982-1983) en Tokyo (1984-1986). The firm works for private as well as for professional clients. To be able to do projects of different scales we work together with other disciplines: architects, landscapearchitects and urban planners.

We work a lot with private clients. One of the hardest things when building a house or renovating an appartment is the amount of choises to be made. Often people have never worked with an architect before and are terribly scared by all unexpected things. We try to go through all different possibilities and make clear when it is time for decisions to be made. In the end they often tell us there is an ‘extra value’ in working with an architect. What it is...? Ask our clients.

In order to get to know each other we sometimes propose to do a preliminary survey. We spent a few days on the project and arrange a meeting with the clients. When it does not match we stop. When we continue we make a cost estimate for each phase so the client knows exactly what to expect. In general the fee is related to the building costs. Sometimes we work directly together with a contractor and we are responsible for the design as well as the realisation at a fixed price.

Apart from all other reasons to come to a design, the dealing with tight budgets, neighbours that annoy each other, the opposition typical to any bureaucracy, the architect's only and unique responsibility is the creation of space. When he succeeds it is nice. All the work at the building site, all the preparations finally result in something that amazes everybody, that goes beyond the things build. It is the experience of the space that counts.

Making a website is looking at your work as a curator, you make choises, skip certain parts and tell a story. My story is about ‘form’ and ‘feeling’ and the interaction in between. Too much emphasis on ‘form’ results in unlivable situations. Too little makes thing chaotic, also not pleasant to live in. Best are those solutions that look as if they are not designed at all.

Dyke house

Amsterdam 2020-2024
Café De Klomp

Zaandam 2020-2024

Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam 2017
House Smid

Amsterdam 2014

Amsterdam 2014
Buiksloterham House Metz

Amsterdam 2014
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