Amsterdam 2011-2012

Next to three duplex apartments on the second store on top of a police-office in down town Amsterdam was a vacant unbuilt area. Our clients, a Dutch man, his Chinese wife and her mother lived in the apartment next to the vacant spot and wanted to extent their house. We did something odd of which you can ask yourself whether it is architecture or not: we continued the existing block designed bij Marlies Rohmer* by ''sampling'' its architecture: ''copy-paste''. We did not do any research in order to understand why this particular spot has been kept unbuilt for so many years, but urban regulations do permit to build here and we do not disadvantage anybody. This intervention will not be noticed. Now it has been build, on the contrary, it looks as if it has been there forever. By not designing the design fits perfectly within its surroundings. The building and its details were copied with great precision. Bricks and concrete ornaments were selected exactly similar to the existing ones.

* The block has been designed by the Dutch architect Marlies Rohmer in 1994 and is build on top of a subway tube.

Dyke house

Amsterdam 2020-2024
Café De Klomp

Zaandam 2020-2024

Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam 2017
House Smid

Amsterdam 2014

Amsterdam 2014
Buiksloterham House Metz

Amsterdam 2014
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