Herbestemming Chassékerk
Amsterdam 2013

A transformation of a church. The Chassékerk by Karel Peter Tholens has been build in 1920. Till the year 2000 the building has been used as a catholic church. After being out of function for ten years the church as well as the presbytery have been bought in 2011 by Mr Lenny Balkissoon who will transform the buildings into a dance center. The centre consists of 9 dance-studio's, a 30 room hotel and a gym. The presbytery is converted into a Grand Café. Behind the church a new 4 storey high building is erected. It is clad with copper to provide the excisting church with a stage. This project is designed in collaboration with Frans van Til.

Dyke house

Amsterdam 2020-2024
Café De Klomp

Zaandam 2020-2024

Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam 2017
House Smid

Amsterdam 2014

Amsterdam 2014
Buiksloterham House Metz

Amsterdam 2014
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