Praktijk Camper
Amsterdam 2012

A medical practice in Amsterdam has been extended and thoroughly renovated. People don't visit a doctor for their pleasure, but interior design can reduce potential fear or tension. The waiting-room has therefore a reading table with interesting magazines and books. On the walls are fine objects to look at. The atmosphere in the waiting area invites you to relax. The doctor rooms on the other hand are tight and professional.

The wall that contains the counter is clad with rough oak panels and has a scroll window made of bright green plastic. The doctor rooms have a consulting space and a treatment space separated by a low wall that contains a sink and storage spaces. The furniture in the doctor rooms has been collected in second hand shops in the neighbourhood. The chairs in the waiting-room are by Jasper Morrison. Photography by Mark Weemen.

Dyke house

Amsterdam 2020-2024
Café De Klomp

Zaandam 2020-2024

Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam 2017
House Smid

Amsterdam 2014

Amsterdam 2014
Buiksloterham House Metz

Amsterdam 2014
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