Bikram Yogaschool
Amsterdam 2013

The extension of the Bikram Yogaschool in Amsterdam is a strongly garden related open structure in wood and glass. The garden behind the yogaschool where the students can rest after class is dominated by a large pond surrounded by huge bamboo. The clients were very attached to the bamboo so the extension is designed with a minimal inpact on the existing bamboo. In order to achieve a sense of cohesion between the building and its surroundings the small building is differentiated in hight as well as in width. The higher part offers a space for rest. In the lower part are extra showers. The space inside is continued towards the garden without obstructions. Pebbles as a finish and the many open partitions further enhance the outdoor feeling. The roof is coverd by moss-sedum. During the building periode lessons in the school went on uninterrupted. Transport of materials went as much as possible by air.

Dyke house

Amsterdam 2020-2024
Café De Klomp

Zaandam 2020-2024

Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam 2017
House Smid

Amsterdam 2014

Amsterdam 2014
Buiksloterham House Metz

Amsterdam 2014
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